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Do you have a favorite notion?  One that you use all the time? One You don’t leave home without?  Weather you are going to a class or a quilting retreat, it is a must have in you bag of stuff.

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Last week I was a quilting retreat with 20 other quilters and I asked them what there favorite notion or tool was.  I was surprised at some of the answers. Some of items I had never heard or tried before. So Many Great Answers so this is going to be a three pard series. I have divdided each series with seven peoples favorite notion or tool.

Maggie Honeyman, long time quilter and professional Longarm Quilter likes the Clover Thread Cutter Pendant. She put the cutter into a spool of thread, uses it  as a stand to cut the pieces she has chain pieced. She also sets up an ironing station she made from a TV tray. You can find her on instgram @sewmaggi.

mag pend

Jennifer Keltner, publisher Martingale books  likes to use Frixion Pens for marking, needs a new needle in her sewing machine and a pair of Kia scissors around her neck. She can’t understand why people buy good fabrics but don’t change their needles often.


Betsy Chutchian, fabric and pattern designer for Moda Fabrics  likes to use the Olfa Frosted 1”x 12” ruler, that is not really a 1 x 12 ruler. The ruler actually measures 1 ¼” x 12 ½” Kind of strange in my opinion.  Betty makes l lot of miniture quilts so the 1 ¼” wide strips will finish at 3/4 inch. She did a demo on english paper piecing using her new papers called Betey’s Thimbles.

besty's thimble

Sherri McConnell, a fabric and pattern designer for “A Quilting Life.” Her favorite tool is the “Fit to be Quarter Ruler” by Open Gate Quilts.  They come in a few sizes by the 6 ½ inch square ruler is her favorite.  The ruler comes with a companion ruler also.. She has a great blog at: http://www.aquiltinglife.comand you can follow her on instagram.


Julie Hargrave, Long time quilter her favorite notion is Paper Piece for English Paper Piecing. Julie brought a sewing machine to the retreat to make a few pillowcases but she spent most of here time on hand work.

paper pieces

Sandy Klop, fabric and pattern designer for “American Jane.” Her favorite tool is a Micro Applicator Brush by Tooltron. It is a little bendable bush she uses to clean her sewing machine and she adds a dab of sewing machine oil to it. You can follow Sandy on her website https://americanjane.comor on instagram


Dawn Cornell, pattern designer and paper tester. She loves to make small blocks not necessarily small quilt but small blocks so she likes to use triangle papers for accuracy.  Her favorite is the 1-inch “Thangles” The reason she prefers the Thangles is when she cuts up her scraps, she cuts them into strips of varies sizes.  Thangles are great for strips.

Dawn.jpgHope you found this post helpful.  The second part of this series will be on Tuesday.

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  1. I use my 1.5 x 12 inch rule as well as my 6.5 x 24.5 inch rulers the most…Sherri’s ruler looks great and I’ve never tried paper piecing but it’s on my list of things to do…thanks you for the ideas.

  2. One of my very favorite notions is my turning tool. I had one I purchased over 20 years ago, made with a plastic handle and metal turning point. The handle broke. I cried. After a lot of looking I finally found a replacement, it is called a Precision Turning Tool. It works for turning, stuffing and as a stiletto too. I use it all the time.

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